Key Tips on How to Tell If Your Cellphone Is Being Tracked

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Here’s a guest post from a technology blogger James Clark to do with how to tell if your cellphone is being tracked.

how to tell if your cellphone is being tracked

How to Tell If Your Cellphone is Being


Cell phone tracking is so common now that many of us tend to forget how unethical or wrong it was considered just some short span of time ago. But the implications of cell phone tracking remain the same. A person who is being tracked via cell phone tracking is one whose privacy is being violated. And no matter how much we claim that we are aware when and where we are tracked, the truth is, we truly don’t.

The cell phone tracking farce that is being played out in US courts since the start of the year is only proof that there are multiple intelligence agencies, multinational corporations, and shadow governments which are vying to get inside our private lives and know where we go, what we do, and how we spend our times on a daily basis. If you feel uncomfortable with letting your privacy and security subtly slip out of your hands in this manner, then follow these steps to avoid becoming a victim of this growing cell phone tracking nuisance.

How to Tell If Your Cellphone is Being TrackedGPS Signals

1. Remove any attachment. Cell phone tracking is done via GPS which is a part and parcel of your smartphones. However, sometimes we may not be aware of it but physical GPS locators are attached to our phones separately. Check if there is any extra component by looking under the battery, in the battery compartment, and on the outside of the set. Remove anything which is not mentioned in the original sealed box or manual.

2. Remove fishy software. Asides the fact that any software on your phone which you cannot identify is most probably a threat (perhaps in the form of virus, bugs, Trojans, or cell phone monitoring software), it is commonsense practice to immediately remove it from your phone. If it truly is cell phone tracking then you can check that from App permissions on your Android or run anti-spyware programs on smartphones of any other platform.

How to Tell If Your Cellphone Is Being Tracked – Call Your MSP

3. Get in Touch With Your Service Providers. The cellular phone company which supports your phone should be able to tell you what monitoring and tracking features have been enabled on your account. Many a times we are unaware but this has been done by colleagues, bosses, spouses, and even parents. Even if you aren’t being tracked by a spy agency, it is still irksome and unwanted. Have your service providers disable any such features and set a password to avoid anyone accessing your account in the future.

4. Remove the Battery. For those who use cell phones given by companies they work in, removing the tracking software and eliminating GPS is out of the question. But when you don’t want to be tracked, and you have a right to not be tracked too that is(for instance when you are off work), then what you can do is remove the battery from the smartphone. This is a surefire way to not be tracked, since when the phone is on cell phone towers can still catch you and when the phone is off more advanced software can make it a surveillance device nonetheless.

5. Use a Cell Phone Jammer. If you are a real techie, or have a real flair for these things, then get yourself a cell phone jammer. These devices block cell phone signals up to various ranges, from 10 to 200 meters even. However, when getting one, make sure that the jammer that you get blocks GPS signals, otherwise you will still be able to be tracked via cell phone.

Author Bio: This guest post is written by James Clark. He blogs for Mobistealth covering iPhone spy software, blackberry monitoring apps and cell phone monitoring software.

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